MTK ARM1176JZ-S-MT3351 by Tomas

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MTK ARM1176JZ-S-MT3351 by Tomas

Postby guest » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:12 pm

Hey there,
I made Maplorer work on my Dynavix PND navigation,
which is running on the
MTK ARM1176JZ-S-MT3351
with a Windows CE 5.0
Both MyBoot and Maplorer work (after some playing around).
I almost gave up and then found the correct settings for the GPS (in one of the device's internal ini files).
For those interested, they are:
Port: 9
Baud: 9600
Byte Size: 8
Stop Bits: 0
Parity: 1

Selecting the wrong port gave a lot of trouble (freezing) and having to restart the whole device. Understandable though!
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